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Wonder Junior Deluxe Plus
The Wonder Junior Deluxe is a high quality, extremely powerful manual wheat grinder. Perfect for when you don't have electricity, but also easy enough to use on a regular basis. The Wonder Junior comes complete with Stones, Stainless Steel Burr Heads, Double Clamp, Flour Guide, and Cleaning Brush.
Of the many hand grain mills on the market today there is no other hand mill that can perform all the tasks that the Wonder Junior hand mill can. Not only can the Wonder Junior hand mill perform more tasks but it does those tasks more effectively than all other mills. 

The Wondermil Junior hand mill can grind flour faster than any other hand mill. It can crack grains or produce pastry fine flour with one pass. It can grind spices, herbs, oily grains (like flax or coffee), and makes smooth and delicious nut butters (see for more info).
  • Beautiful Scratch and Chip Resistant “Powder Coat” Finish.
  • ​World’s Only Patented Super Grip Dual Clamp. Will Not Slip Like Other Hand Mills.
  • ​Ergonomic Handle Grip.
  • ​Long 10” Easy Turn Arm.
  • ​Simple Texture Adjustment From Super Fine Flour To Cracked Grains.
  • ​Large Hopper Holds Over 1 Quart.
  • ​Clamps or Bolts To Surfaces Up To 2” Thick.
  • ​Heavy Duty Uni-Body Construction With Set Back For Easy Flour Collection.
  • ​Large Lifetime Lubricated Bearings.
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OUR PRICE: $299.95
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