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BONUS: Add A Sight Glass Spigot [Add $55.00]: The Berkey Sight Glass Spigot provides an easy solution for viewing how much water your Berkey water filter system has left in it. Add it to your order for an additional $55.

I love my Travel Berkey!
I purchased a Travel Berkey a year ago. I live alone, so the small size is sufficient for me. The water tastes great. My town has recently had several boil water advisories for various reasons. I haven't had to worry with my trusty Berkey on the job.
- Bonnie
Quality at an amazing price
The quality of the components, and the resulting purified water are beyond reproach. Living in Chicago, or water has many contaminants beyond the usual, so this is a must for our family.
- Marc B.
Excellent Water Filtration System
Love having the Berkey! We have been using the Berkey system for almost 2 years. The filters last longer than I had  hoped. Makes our well water drinkable!
- Patti W.
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