When thinking about building a food storage ... 
Don't know where to start?  Don't know how to cook with wheat or beans?  Don't have time to learn new skills?  Don't have the money to buy everything?
I've heard all the excuses...
In fact I used them myself!  Ten years ago I was a young mom feeling anxious about helping my family be prepared for an emergency but came up with every reason in the books as to why I couldn't get started.
I lived in a tiny, two bedroom house with two little kids and a dog.  We had no basement, no garage, and no storage closets.  I would promise myself that “one day, when I have more room – THAT'S when I’ll build my food storage”.  

My husband was going through flight school and we were racking up student loans like no one's business.  We were barely surviving and the thought of finding ANY money to allocate to emergency preparedness felt impossible.

Being a busy mom of a 2 year old and a baby, working from home, with a husband who was gone all the time left me very little time to research the topic of food storage and preparedness, let alone to practice any of the skills I knew I needed to acquire.

At the time, all I knew about food storage was that my mom used to make me help her can peaches, and my grandma had a huge room full of food in her basement and I knew where the candy stash was.  I didn't even know what WHEAT looked like when I started!
Then I Discovered the Secret to Success
I took a complicated topic, broke it down into manageable steps, and started researching one small thing at a time.  This turned into the Food Storage Made Easy 3 Part Program which has helped thousands of people get prepared over the last ten years.

I'm on a mission to see EVERY family have the peace of mind that I now have when it comes to being prepared.
When I first decided to start building my food storage I bought a book called Food Storage 101 thinking it would give me the basics.  I quickly realized it assumed you already had a lot of knowledge that I just didn't have. It's a great tool for me now but at the time it just overwhelmed me.

I bought some food storage recipe books and then to my horror realized I would need to buy wheat and a wheat grinder to even start making any of the basic recipes.

I barely had the time or energy to feed my family boxed mac and cheese, let alone to learn an entire new way of cooking with ingredients that were unfamiliar to my little ones.

My turning point was the day I realized ... I didn't have to start with everything, I just had to start doing SOMETHING.
HI, I'm Jodi!
That smile on my face comes from the fact that I now know that my kids won't have to starve if I lose my job.

I can take care of my household if the power goes out for an extended period of time.

I can evacuate in under ten minutes with all the necessities to survive for 3 days including our family's valuables.

I have peace of mind.

Can You Imagine How Good It Would Feel If You Could Have That 
Three months into my food storage journey, my husband lost his job.  We were able to live off of what I had already stored, extending our three months of cash savings an entire extra month.  He found a new job at the end of that fourth month.

Five years into my food storage journey I went through a divorce and was left without a partner to help bear the burden of my family's financial and physical security.  Thank goodness for my food storage when I was too exhausted to get to the grocery store, too overwhelmed to find a job, and just trying to survive each day.

Over the years we've survived a gas leak in our house forcing an immediate evacuation, a few small earthquakes, multiple power outages, and a number of financial difficulties.  I'm so grateful that as a young mom I started the journey to prepare my family.

I want that for YOUR family too!
introducing ...
Food Storage made easy:  a THREE PART PROGRAM
In this program you will be told exactly what to buy, to learn, and to do to build your food storage in just one year.  The 3-part program includes 26 Checklists, a comprehensive Food Storage Encyclopedia, and a Recipe Appendix with over 60 recipes.  

This is the tried and true method I have followed along with thousands of others over the years!
Here is a summary of everything you'll get for just $20 when you buy the
Food Storage Made Easy: 3 Part Program

A Step-By-Step Guide

The BabyStep Checklists part of the program contain 26 Checklists to guide you through building your Food Storage. If you do one of these checklists every 2 weeks, you’ll have a full year supply for one adult in just one year. 

The checklists contain the following sections:
TO PURCHASE: A list of products to purchase, with quantities
TO DO: Tasks, reading, and inventory assignments
RECIPES TO TRY: Recipes to try that use the foods you have bought, and the concepts you have learned about.

2. Food Storage Encyclopedia

The Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia is a reference manual that you can refer back to again and again to answer all of your food storage questions. 

The 98 page encyclopedia contains the following items:
INFORMATIVE ARTICLES: Covering all areas of preparedness
E-PREP PLAN: Fill this out and be ready for any emergency
PLANNING TOOLS: Calculators and worksheets to guide you through making your food storage plan
CHARTS/DIAGRAMS: Printouts you can stick in your pantry to make cooking with your food storage easier

3. Recipe Appendix

Within each checklist you will get assigned to make several recipes using the food you purchased that week.  I include at least one family favorite recipe for each ingredient in the food storage calculator as well as other shelf stable recipes to add to your collection.

The recipe appendix includes:
60 FAVORITE RECIPES: Family favorite recipes from my personal kitchens that I know you will enjoy!
SUBSTITUTIONS GUIDE: Instructions for swapping regular ingredients for food storage ingredients in any recipe.
And that's not all.  If you grab the Food Storage Made Easy: Three Part Program You Are Also Going to Get These Awesome
[ Prep Calendar ]
Bonus #1
Preparedness Projects Calendar:
The monthly preparedness projects calendar helps you pick one project to work on each month to help you and your family be a little more prepared!  Includes links with tutorials and recipes to help you achieve one small task each month.

This is something fun to get the whole family involved in!
[ more recipes ]
Bonus #2
Shelf Stable Recipe eCookbook:
While the Food Storage Made Easy cookbook includes a large recipe appendix, it never hurts to have more recipes to choose from in an emergency. 

This eCookbook is a compilation of family favorite recipes submitted by my blog readers that are made exclusively from shelf stable (pantry) items.  
[ Prepared kids ]
Bonus #3
Preparing Kids for Life Workbook
Preparedness isn't just about being ready for a storm or a disaster. It's about being ready for life! This workbook will give you ideas of things you can do to get your kids ready to leave your home and face to real world.
Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied with all the value you get out of the Food Storage Made Easy Program PLUS the three free bonuses, simply request a refund within 30 days.  
Are you ready for your family to 
I will be there with you every step of the way.

I want you to succeed on this journey.

I want you to have that peace of mind.

Let's do this!

-Jodi Weiss Schroeder
Here’s A Recap Of...
[ EVERYTHING You'll Get ]
When You Purchase the Food Storage Made Easy Program!
  •  26 Babystep Checklists 
  •  Food Storage Encyclopedia 
  •  Recipe Appendix 
  •  Monthly Preparedness Projects Calendar
  •  Shelf Stable Recipe eCookbook
  •  Preparing Kids for Life Workbook
Today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $20


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