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Emergency Garden Seeds
 21 Open-Pollinated Vegetable, Fruit, and Herb Seeds

Emergency Garden Seed Can

Plant over an acre of crops with this one #10 can of heirloom garden seeds.  The open-pollinated seeds can be harvested at the end of the growing season and re-used year after year.  Seeds will be good for 10+ years although germination rates may be reduced over time. 

Complete contents include:
Pea 5oz (445 seeds)
Radish 10g (882 seeds)
Onion 10g (2822 seeds)
Spinach 10g (882 seeds)
Cabbage 10g (2469 seeds)
Kale 5g (1500 seeds)
Lettuce 5g (2822 seeds)
Beet 10g (629 seeds)
Carrot 10g (6702 seeds)
Bush Beans 5oz (435 seeds)
Sweet Corn 5oz (750 seeds)
Cucumber 10g (353 seeds)
Zucchini 10g (81 seeds)
Sweet Pepper 5g (700 seeds)
Winter Squash 10g (109 seeds)
Tomato - slicing 5g (1760 seeds)
Tomato - cherry 5g (1760 seeds)
Cilantro 5g (529 seeds)
Basil (3,527 seeds)
Watermelon 10g (217 seeds)
Cantaloupe 10g (353 seeds)
8-page Growing Guide
Emergency Garden Seed Can:

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