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Jodi Schroeder has been teaching people about food storage and emergency preparedness for over 12 years.  Her flagship BabySteps program has helped thousands of people build up a year supply of food.  Over the years she has added to her food storage basics by incorporating freeze-dried foods.  She loves incorporating her food storage into everyday cooking to make quick, easy, healthy meals for her family of 9!
Food Storage Made Easy
The BabyStep Checklists part of the program contain 26 Checklists to guide you through building your Food Storage. If you do one of these checklists every 2 weeks, you’ll have a full year supply for one adult in just one year.  The checklists contain the following sections:
TO PURCHASE: A list of products to purchase, with quantities
TO DO: Tasks, reading, and inventory assignments
RECIPES TO TRY: Recipes to try that use the foods you have bought, and the concepts you have learned about

The Encyclopedia is a reference manual that you can refer back to again and again to answer all of your food storage questions. The 98 page encyclopedia contains the following items:
INFORMATIVE ARTICLES: Five years of topics we have researched and discussed on our blog
E-PREP PLAN: Fill this out and be ready for any emergency
PLANNING TOOLS: Calculators and worksheets to guide you through making your food storage plan
CHARTS/DIAGRAMS: Printouts you can stick in your pantry to make cooking easier

The Recipe Appendix include at least one family favorite recipe for every single ingredient listed in our food storage calculator as well as all of the extras that we encourage you to buy as well.  The recipe appendix includes:
60 FAVORITE RECIPES: Family recipes from our personal kitchens that we know you will enjoy!
SUBSTITUTIONS GUIDE: Instructions for swapping regular ingredients for food storage ingredients in any recipe
Meals-in-a-Jar Made Easy
Meals-in-a-Jar Made Easy is a recipe book featuring shelf stable, simple to cook recipes that are self-contained in a mason jar. These are "just-add-water" meals that consist of freeze-dried foods and other dry ingredients. 

The book includes 40 delicious recipes that are kid-tested and husband-approved. Every recipe includes instructions on how to put together the jar, how to make the prepared recipe, and a shopping list to make it in batches of 10-12 jars.  

Everything included with your purchase:
​- Storage Instructions: Learn the best practices for putting together and storing your jar meals for optimal shelf life
​- Shopping Lists: Create batches of 10-12 jar meals at once to save time in the kitchen
- ​Recipe Pictures: Full color photographs of each meal allowing you to see what they look like before you try them
​​- Jar Labels: Downloadable label sheets for each recipe that you can print and attach to jars

Please THREE great bonuses:
- BONUS #1: My meal-in-a-jar calculator is a free tool that helps you figure out how much each meal will cost per jar
​- BONUS #2: Facebook group where you can share pictures of your jar meals and chat about all things meals-in-a-jar
- ​BONUS #3: New recipes emailed out every month that you can add to your collection!

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