Food Storage Made Easy is a blog that was started by two young moms, Jodi and Julie, sister-in-laws who were trying to navigate the difficult world of food storage and preparedness. When we started our food storage journey, we realized the vast amount of information out there was so CONFUSING. We started this blog to share what we learned and accomplished along the way. As we made progress, we broke down the whole process into 10 BabySteps. By breaking down the process into BabySteps, we have realized Food Storage doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, we think it’s EASY and FUN!

We launched the Food Storage Made Easy STORE because we found that so many of our readers were asking where we got certain tools and food items that we use in our blog posts and videos. We wanted to have a one-stop shop for people to find all of our favorite things and we especially wanted to help our readers get items at the LOWEST possible prices so we became dealers for the things we love and use every day. Nothing is listed in the store that we haven't tried ourselves and strongly recommend.

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