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Our Food Storage Made Easy Program

If you need a little help knowing how to plan, purchase, and use your Food Storage our complete stress- free, "easy" program can help you. Available in e-book or print, there are options for everyone.


The BabyStep Checklists part of the program contain 26 Checklists to guide you through building your Food Storage. If you do one of these checklists every 2 weeks, you’ll have a full year supply for one adult in just one year.

Complete Food Storage Encyclopedia

The Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia is a reference manual that you can refer back to again and again to answer all of your food storage questions.

Recipe Appendix

Within each checklist we assign you to cook with the food which you just purchased. We don't leave you hanging! We include at least one family favorite recipe that uses every single ingredient listed in our food storage calculator as well as all of the extras that we encourage you to buy as well.