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We've heard ALL the excuses, in fact we USED them all ourselves! ... Do these sound familiar?...

"I don't even know WHAT FOOD STORAGE IS?"
"I barely have time to cook dinner every night, how am I supposed to plan food for a year, and make sure I use it?"
"It would be nice if I had a few extra thousand dollars, then I could just buy all my food storage at once"
"I can't spare any money in our already tight budget to buy EXTRA food"
"I don't even know what wheat looks like! Why would I go out and buy 300 lbs of it?"
"Are you kidding me? I DO NOT have enough storage space for all that food?"
"How can I cook this food without a generator?" " I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT."

We didn't believe Food Storage could be FUN or EASY either, that's why we're here to help teach you our secrets!

The Food Storage Made Easy 3 PART FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM contains a Babysteps Checklists Guide, Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia, and Recipe Appendix. This full program is a roadmap for buying your food storage and learning how to use it, so that you can have confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a major emergency or any of life's little every day inconveniences.

What's Included?

1 The BabyStep Checklists part of the program contain 26 Checklists to guide you through building your Food Storage. If you do one of these checklists every 2 weeks, you’ll have a full year supply for one adult in just one year.

The checklists contain the following sections:
TO PURCHASE: A list of products to purchase, with quantities
TO DO: Tasks, reading, and inventory assignments
RECIPES TO TRY: Recipes to try that use the foods you have bought, and the concepts you have learned about
2 The Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia is a reference manual that you can refer back to again and again to answer all of your food storage questions.

The 98 page encyclopedia contains the following items:
INFORMATIVE ARTICLES: Five years of topics we have researched and discussed on our blog
E-PREP PLAN: Fill this out and be ready for any emergency
PLANNING TOOLS: Calculators and worksheets to guide you through making your food storage plan
CHARTS/DIAGRAMS: Printouts you can stick in your pantry to make cooking easier .
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3 Within each checklist we assign you to cook with the food which you just purchased. We don't leave you hanging! We include at least one family favorite recipe that uses every single ingredient listed in our food storage calculator as well as all of the extras that we encourage you to buy as well.

The recipe appendix includes:
60 FAVORITE RECIPES: Family recipes from our personal kitchens that we know you will enjoy!
SUBSTITUTIONS GUIDE: Instructions for swapping regular ingredients for food storage ingredients in any recipe

Think You're Lost? We were just as LOST as you!

Just over two years ago we had NO food storage. Well that's not completely true. Jodi had a few canned pickles, and Julie had tomato soup. Food Storage was just too intimidating for us, and we used all of the excuses for not getting started. Eventually we felt like it was time we QUIT putting it off. When we finally decided to start researching it and actually get it done, we decided to blog about it to keep ourselves accountable, and to hopefully share with others as we learned ourselves. As we worked to build our Food Storage, we created BabySteps, and checklists that made sense for beginners - like us. We have really enjoyed the journey, and continue to learn more and more all the time. While we don't proclaim to be the world’s greatest experts at all things Food Storage, we sure are good at motivating, breaking things down, and organizing. We love to keep providing you with helpful tools, and to keep showing you by example how to make HARD things EASY!

People just like YOU, have already had great SUCCESS

I wanted to thank you for the copy of the Food Storage Made Easy Binder! I love referring to it. When I have to sit at my sons baseball practices, it's so nice to read through it and make my lists for the week. Being the scatter brain that I am sometimes, it helps me to keep on track of the things I am needing for my food storage.
Just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous web site. I can now say I have a 72 hour kit for hubby & me. Granted I purchased it, however your binder has truly inspired me! Keep up the great service you are providing!
Well, thanks to your binder I realized that I have totally over bought sugar (silly me! Guess my sweet tooth was working overtime!) and under-bought other essentials. Your plan is helping me to ORGANIZE my needs. Good thing sugar stores for a L-O-N-G time! The binder is a GREAT idea. I now have all my storage needs recorded in ONE place. (I made a list of my food storage “have now” and “need to do" and “need to buy” and will start purchasing with a clear plan in mind!). I’m dedicating the next year to getting EVERYTHING purchased, organized, and a plan in place to keep it rotated! I look forward to learning more!

BUY NOW to enjoy these AWESOME bonuses

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Bonus #1 – SHELF STABLE COOKBOOK If you struggle with finding recipes that can be made with ALL pantry items, we have the solution for you. We created an amazing Shelf Stable Cookbook with a compilation of over 150 tried and true recipes from our blog readers. It includes everything from main courses and soups, to desserts and side dishes and even a dog treat recipe!

Bonus #2 – 20 PAGE PEP TALK GUIDE TO MOTIVATE YOU TO GET STARTED We have put together a fantastic bonus guide that is a totally different concept from our eBook program. This 20 page ebook is exactly what you need as a preview to the Food Storage Made Easy eBook. You will learn more about why people do food storage, what some of the common roadblocks are, as well is tips to overcome them and strategies to keep yourself on track. This is a great tool to share with friends to get them excited.

Bonus #3 - FREE FOOD STORAGE NEWSLETTERS Once a month we send out an informative newsletter covering a variety of topics from our food storage babysteps to water storage, powerless cooking and beyond. We keep you updated on the best sales coming up. We also share our favorite recipes and tips for using your food storage. By purchasing our eBook Program you are automatically sent these helpful newsletters each month!

These bonuses may not always be included so make sure to purchase your copy now so you can take advantage of these great offers.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with your Food Storage Made Easy eBook simply contact us for a full refund.

There is no risk in trying out our Food Storage Made Easy eBook. Don’t delay taking this important step in putting together your family’s food storage program. Don’t wait until your family suffers through an emergency situation before you take action.

REMEMBER: We'll keep holding your hand!

Not only are you getting a program that will help you every step of the way with building your food storage, but you also get our three great bonuses, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. Not to mention we are always available to answer questions, visit with you about your progress, and be a support network for you. You can’t go wrong with the Food Storage Made Easy Binder eBook.

STOP: You better not have just said "I'll do this later"

Because this is a BRAND NEW program, completely revamped, with almost 200 pages of articles, information, tools, charts, recipes, and checklists that took us over three months to put together, we've raised the price to $24 for the entire 3-book program. However, if you buy during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale you can save 50% off of the new pricing. So don't procrastinate on this one or you will be sad when the price goes up Tuesday morning at midnight.

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